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Cider, Mead, Soda, Kombucha

Premier Cuvée is noted as a very low producer of foam, urea, and fusel oils. Recommended for reds, whites and especially champagne, Premier Cuvee ferments a wide range of wines, proving versatile in the production of meads, ciders and a variety of wine styles.
The Whip Wine Degasser and a standard 3/8” variable speed drill can save a lot of effort during degassing of wine..
The Acid Testing Kit provides a simple, easy to use procedure for determining the amount of Total Acidity pre and post fermentation and following stabilization or acid correction procedures.
Gelatin Finings precipitates degraded yeast cells, haze forming proteins and tannins from beer. Having undergone carbonic maceration, highly tannic red wines may benefit from Gelatin Fining as Gelatin will remove some of the excess tannins during clarification, resulting in a more balanced wine.
Wine Tannin balances dull, low tannin wines and ciders, adding punch and “bite” to the overall flavor profile. Beyond balancing flavors, Tannin aids in clarification, especially in combination with Gelatin during fining operations of wines with high pectin content.
One of the three major acids found in grapes, Malic Acid can be used to increase the acidity in wines and ciders while decreasing pH.
Pectic Enzyme can be added to grapes, apples and other pectin heavy fruit prior to crushing to increase yield and prevent pectin related problems. Pectic enzyme aids in the prevention of haze in wines by removing excessive pectin and assists in the extraction of tannin from grape skins in the production of red wines.
Yeast Energizer is a beneficial blend of diammonium phosphate, magnesium sulphate, yeast hulls, vitamins and trace minerals, providing needed nutrients for yeast during primary fermentation or added to yeast starter for quickly building up cell counts prior to pitching.
Yeast Nutrient supplies the “food” yeast requires for reducing lag time and shortening fermentation cycles and producing better tasting beer, wine, mead, or cider.
To create 4 – gallons of soda, combine (1) 2 fluid ounce bottle of Old Fashioned Homebrew Cola Extract with 4 pounds of sugar and 4 – gallons of water while using the traditional mix and carbonation method.
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